Weekly survey: Is it time for alternative fans to move on from grunge and the alt-rock of the 90s?

Weekly survey: Is it time for alternative fans to move on from grunge and the alt-rock of the 90s?

This week’s query comes from a dialogue I had with a radio fan who was questioning why Q107/Toronto–previously a pure traditional rock station–now performs bands like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Pearl Jam. Within the metropolis, that music was as soon as the unique area of brother station 102.1 the Edge.

“Why is Q now enjoying different music?” they requested.

Good query. However are they?

Lots of as we speak’s alt-rock followers grew up on and nonetheless love the music of the 90s, together with grunge, punk like Inexperienced Day and The Offspring, and early interval Foo Fighters. However examine the calendar. A lot of these nice songs got here out 25 and 30 years in the past. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” got here out on August 27, 1991. Pearl Jam’s Ten album is simply as outdated. We will add traditional albums by Soundgarden, REM, the Crimson Scorching Chili Peppers, and a ton of others to that checklist.

Immediately’s 22-years-old as we speak nonetheless into music that outdated would really like 1991’s 22-year-old in 1991 being pre-Beatles rock’n’roll. Are you able to think about a younger twenty-something being into Percy Religion’s “Theme from a Summer Place?

There’s no query that 90s-era different was superior. Wonderful. Sensible. Past wonderful. However is it time for as we speak’s alt-rock stations to maneuver on and wean themselves and their audiences away from music that’s now firmly in “traditional” territory? Time to concentrate on the NOW and never the previous?

Think about that when traditional rock radio first appeared within the late 80s, it centered on every thing again to the Beatles’ explosion in 1964. Regulate the numbers and early Pearl Jam suits that very same playlist template?

Or is that this music so good and so vital it ought to this music be a part of the choice world endlessly? May it’s that age is only a quantity?

Listed here are your selections. The place do you land on this matter?

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