Godspeed You! Black Emperor G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! COVERGodspeed You! Black Emperor: G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!

(Constellation Records)

CD | DL | Vinyl

Launched 2nd April 2021


Louder Than War Bomb Rating 4

Within the midst of rising civil unrest and an more and more dystopian panorama, post-rock titans Godspeed You! Black Emperor return with an appropriately dramatic soundtrack. Andy Brown offers G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! a pay attention and shares his ideas for Louder Than Conflict.

The sky is blue and the solar shining, but I’m caught inside self-isolating. I can’t consider higher circumstances through which to provide the brand new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album a primary pay attention. The perpetually mysterious post-rock icons return with G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!: the Canadian’s first album since 2017’s Luciferian Towers. It’s clear from the unfeasibly lengthy track titles and the expansive and uncompromising music that Godspeed aren’t right here to fiddle. I imply, come on, you weren’t anticipating three-minute pop songs, had been you?

Godspeed You! Black Emperor are the type of act that depart an impression. I nonetheless keep in mind listening to the unsettling, post-apocalyptic doomscape that’s The Useless Flag Blues through a free NME CD in 1999. It was an edited-down model, but the six or so minutes of music that oozed from my audio system had been fairly in contrast to anything I’d heard. I’d had my first publicity to Mogwai across the similar time and I swear a tiny portal in my mind opened up. It will be fairly a very long time earlier than I totally explored these tantalising glimpses into post-rock however the seeds had most definitely been sown. Each bands are sometimes credited with taking instrumental rock into the properties of a era of unsuspecting listeners, Godspeed sometimes peppering their recordings with suitably apocalyptic spoken phrase.

The sky seems to get a bit darker because the unusual, unintelligible voices and radio static that introduce the album seep into my lounge. The guitars and violin lastly are available in; weeping, distorted and seemingly unstructured. Backbone-tingling riffs and pressing organ work their manner into the association and it’s round this level that the entire thing takes flight. It’s referred to as A Navy Alphabet or to provide the monitor it’s full title, A Navy Alphabet (5 eyes all blind) (4521.0kHz 6730.0kHz 4109.09kHz) / Job’s Lament / First of the Final Glaciers / the place we break how we shine (Rockets for Mary). I advised you the track titles had been lengthy. The monitor steadily evolves into some beefed-up psychedelic jam from the darkish aspect of the sixties: monolithic drums, brooding strings and strung-out guitars envelope the room because the monitor unfurls over 20 mesmerising minutes.

Fireplace At Static Valley comes subsequent, opening with howling winds and distant sirens. The monitor crawls forwards with a spacious, breath-taking association of drones and clear, purposeful guitar traces backed by the sluggish, subdued funeral march of the drums. An orchestra enjoying its most melancholic suite because the world is about ablaze. The music feels layered whereas by no means changing into cluttered or overwrought. Emotional and constantly partaking, this isn’t a code that may be cracked with one pay attention. A lot of the album was written whereas touring earlier than being recorded within the bands hometown of Montréal in October 2020, but that sense of journey, motion and reside spontaneity stay key to the recordings.

Subsequent, we get Authorities Got here or, as the total title says, Authorities Got here (9980.0kHz 3617.1kHz 4521.0 kHz) / Cliffs Gaze / cliffs’ stare upon empty waters’ rise / Ashes to Sea or Nearer to Thee. In terms of punctuation, Godspeed You! Black Emperor are an editor’s worst nightmare. The monitor fills me with an awesome urge to see this music carried out reside; to be stood within the centre of the oncoming storm and be swallowed up by the emotive, euphoric and unexpectedly ecstatic noise. Sure, the music right here will get darkish and ominous however when the sunshine shines by way of the cracks it’s completely, completely magnificent. The fourth and last monitor, Our Aspect Has to Win (for D.H.) would possibly simply be probably the most stunning piece of music I’ve heard within the final 12 or so months – an aching association of droning strings that feels mournful, considerate, heart-breaking and totally transformative.

For a predominantly instrumental band, Godspeed have at all times had a lot to say. The message comes by way of loud and clear throughout the press assertion that arrived through Constellation: “This file is about all of us ready for the top. All present types of governance are failed. This file is about all of us ready for the start, and is knowledgeable by the next calls for = empty the prisons, take energy from the police and provides it to the neighbourhoods that they terrorise. Finish the eternally wars and all different types of imperialism. Tax the wealthy till they’re impoverished”. The band’s uncompromising and defiant punk spirit has been central to their aesthetic and strategy since they started.

Godspeed handily take away any sense of ego or self-importance by constantly placing the music and message centre stage. With solely two official photographs of the band in 25 years, they’re unlikely to finish up within the gossip pages of a tabloid newspaper. Unsurprisingly, they don’t have an Instagram web page. I went in half anticipating one thing unremittingly bleak, but the album is a wealthy, emotionally complicated and deeply rewarding pay attention. It’s at all times going to be troublesome to copy that nigh-on revelatory feeling I received from listening to these early recordings, but the album stays a pure, highly effective and shifting expression of the right here and now. Offering hope amongst all of the chaos and uncertainty, Godspeed You! Black Emperor return within the nick of time with their skinny fists raised in defiance.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor have by no means had social media accounts or a web site however yow will discover their music through Bandcamp and the Constellation Records web site.

All phrases by Andy Brown. You’ll be able to go to his creator profile and skim extra of his critiques for Louder Than Conflict here.

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